Fixing dead computers Moonah

Fixing Dead Computers Moonah

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    Fixing dead computers Moonah

    Fixing dead computers Moonah

    If your computer system is not turning on or appears dead, then you can try some steps for Fixing dead computers Moonah. When dealing with a dead and unresponsive computer, it can be annoying. But by following various steps, you can resolve the issue.

    Steps for fixing dead computer

    Check the power source.

    Make sure that your computer is connected to a functioning power source. Check if the main power wire is attached to the socket or not, remove and attach it again, and try to turn on the computer.

    Inspect the power cable

    If the power cable is damaged, try using a different power cable.

    Test the power supply.

    Check the power supply with the help of the power supply tester. The power supply must be continuous and also have sufficient voltage to start up the computer’s power supply unit. Check if the power cord supplies sufficient power to the computer or not.

    Decode the beeps

    When you try to on your computer system, you might hear a beep sound that is coming from the motherboard. A single beep indicates that all is well, while a continuous beep indicates the power supply has experienced a critical fault.

    Check if the power button is the problem.

    If your computer does not start, but the motherboard light is on or the fan is running, you could have trouble with the power button.

    Check the display

    If the computer starts making a sound, but you are not seeing anything on the screen, the monitor will likely be at fault. Make sure that you have connected the monitor to the computer and power supply.

    Troubleshoot storage and RAM

    Defective storage or RAM can cause computers to fail to boot. If the RAM is not the issue, check the hard drive connections. Try connecting the storage device to another system to check if it works correctly.

    Reset BIOS setting

    In most cases, wrong BIOS settings can prevent a computer system from starting up. To rest the BIOS setting, locate the CMOS battery on the motherboard and remove it for one or two minutes. Then reinsert the battery and power on the computer. This will reset the BIOS setting to default.

    Disconnect other devices

    If the computer still does not start, unplug other devices, such as a printer, external hard drive, and webcam. Then start it with only the monitor, mouse, and keyboard connected.

    The cause of computer failure to boot

    The causes of computer failure to boot are divided into two categories;

    Physical reasons

    • Hardware failure
    • Poor power connection
    • Power supply failure
    • Operating system failure

    Logical reasons

    • No boot drivers detected in BIOS
    • Virus
    • System crash
    • Corrupted MBR
    • update

    These are the leading causes that prevent a computer system from starting up.


    After implementing these steps and the computer is still dead, it might be time to seek professional help. Professional computer repair technicians have the expertise and specialized tools to identify and resolve complex issues. If you are looking for the best computer repair service provider, I Technology is your one-stop destination. They have a team of experienced computer repair technicians.