Fixing Water Damaged Laptops Rose Bay

Fixing water damaged laptops Rose Bay

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    Fixing Water Damaged Laptops Rose Bay

    Easy steps to fixing a water-damaged laptop

    Water damage to a laptop can be caused by various reasons, such as spilled drinks and sudden dropping in watery places. Here are some steps to help fix a damaged laptop. Water can seep into other damages. I Technology provides some methods to help reduce damages such as motherboard, short circuits and corrosion. It is essential to act quickly to stop further damage

    Act quickly

    Suddenly, you drop water on the laptop. Then, your first thing to do is to turn off the laptop immediately, unplug connected devices and remove the charger. When you unplug the connection devices and electrical connections, it helps to reduce the risk of short circuits. And reduce the inside damage.

    Remove the power source.

    If possible, then you remove the laptop’s battery. These steps offer extra safety. You can make sure your laptop does not connect to any power-flowing connection. If your laptop connects to an electronic connection, it creates a risk of other damages and also removes all peripheral device connections such as mouse, keyboard and hard drive.

    Drain and dry

    You can hold your laptop upside down to let in liquid. After you gently shake it. You can take a paper towel or lint-free cloth to absorb the water from the laptop. You do not press too hard on the screen and keyboard.


    Avoid using a hair dryer or heater to soak water from your laptop. When you use a heater product, it creates other damage inside your laptop. You can leave your laptop to air dry for at least 48 hours after you check your laptop completely dry.

    Test it out

    When your laptop is completely dry, then you reattach the battery if you remove it. And plug in the charger. If your laptop turns on, then you do not need professional help.

    Professional seek

    If you use those steps and your laptop does not start, then you visit I Technology Australia, which provides an expert service for Fixing water damaged laptops Hobart. Our technicians have the experience and equipment to find the damages and give the best solution. Make your laptop turn on.

    Preventing future damages

    You can cover your laptop to reduce water damage in the future. If you use a laptop near liquid, then you should be careful and keep it in a stable area. You can take back up your data regularly for important file safety. I Technology Australia provides tips and accessories to help protect your laptop. Fixing a water-damaged laptop is not always a success. But using these steps helps to improve your chances of saving your laptop or other connective device. Remember, you need patience during your laptop drying process. When it is completely dry, you check your laptop and connect it to the power. If it does not work, then you need to go to I Technology Australia.