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As a car runs on petrol or diesel, the present world runs on data. A cottage industry, multi-national companies, and even an entire nation is run using gazillions of data. This is enough to make one understand the importance of data and its security. If a carefully curated date is lost then this can have a domino effect on other entities related to it.

In a world that mostly runs on data and technology, losing a crucial piece of information can be devastating. People may lose their jobs, companies can fail, and many equally devastating things can happen if you lose crucial data. If you need your data recovered, you can go to Data Recovery Moonah

Various data recovery companies guarantee single-day data recovery using the latest technologies. They are more than capable in data recovery from any type of data loss. The experts can be entrusted with the recovery of lost data.

Technological problems, like dead computers, can be frustrating. If the computer does not turn on with the press of the power button, then do not panic; there are some steps to follow that might fix your problem without expert intervention; if the problem persists, you can go to the Center for Fixing Dead Computers Moonah.


Data can be lost from a hard drive in many ways:


A user usually deletes a file, like a video, photo, gif, etc., using the delete button. The data is then transferred to the recycle bin. Then if you press the shift + delete button delete the file permanently. Sometimes many important files are accidentally deleted in this way, leading to data loss. 


When you format your device or any external hard drive, you usually backup your data on the hard drive. But at times, this formatting is either accidental, or you forget to backup your data, then data loss occurs.


When the internal hard drive is corrupted, the pc does not boot due to damaged boot data. When the file system of the external drive is corrupted, the hard drive becomes inaccessible, leading to data loss.


when system software crashes, the monitor shows solid blue light. Internal hard drive data becomes inaccessible. Also, when any application software crashes or freezes in the middle of usage, the current data is not saved, leading to data loss. 


When the hard drive completes its life span, it fails automatically. It can also fail beforehand due to sudden electricity surges, fair and water damage, and mishandling. This can lead to data loss if the data has not been backed up.


a) Recycle bin-

If you temporarily delete a file using a delete key, you can press ctrl+z to undo the file deletion, if you deleted the file earlier, you can restore the file from recycle bin.  Data permanently deleted can not be retrieved.

b) App’s in-built data restore feature-

Apps like Microsoft Outlook stores the deleted email in a separate folder. You can undo an email you just deleted, and earlier deleted emails can be restored from the deleted file.

c)File history backup drive-

you can restore deleted files from file history backup if you backed up your files before deletion.


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